November 25

Esha and Stella at netball

Stella went with me to netball . She was great at cheering me on and calling out tips and pieces of advice . In the end she helped my team and I win a great victory !! 


Stella and I going to netball , in the car , with me sister in the back .


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November 24

Dance production 

We all had so much fun doing our dance . It was real funny watching the teachers dance . I had a blast on the stage and I’m sure everyone else did to . ! Can not wait till tommorow for the real day !! 

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August 11

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar 

The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar .I thought the story is really interesting because it has a really smart start and I am really curious to find out more . I think the indian can see without eyes because he has practiced a lot and meditating but he can also be performing a trick . I think he is cheating because he has a lot of hair behind his ears There might be a device there that tells him where he go . 


I really like this book so far because it has a lot of mysteries in it and it draws the reader into it . 

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